What is FIFA18coins.com?

FIFA18coins.com is a professional FIFA 18 coins online store site which is founded in 2016. There are 8 members in the team. All members are great FIFA players. Now FIFA18coins.om is selling FIFA 17 coins, FIFA 18 coins and other MMO currencies to MMO players players all around the world.

Can you handle my order in priority?

FIFA18coins.com will in priority deliver the in game currency to Playerauctions verified buyers, good ownedcore vouched members or good epicnpc  vouched members. If you are a user of the three sites, please let us know.

What documents should I provide in order to get my payment verified?

There is a Anti-Fraud system on FIFA18coins.com. You will be asked for ID copy, Credit Card copy or other documents if there are suspicious billing activies. The Anti-Fraud Team will tell you how to do the verification via email, live chat or phone call.​

When will my order be completed after I pay?

Most orders can be completed in 20-30 minutes after payments are verified.